Floor coverings

Blitz Floor coverings

wonderful floor coverings, the basis of your interior

Your floor is not only literally the basis of your interior, it forms the aesthetic foundation of every room. Sleek tiles or lovely fitted carpet, it makes all the difference. At Blitz Interior Design, your floor coverings are given our full attention. Together with you, we go through all the options, your inspirations and your future plans for the room in question. 

As we have all the samples and fabrics in house, you can feel and see how they work in the room directly. Have you made your choice and are looking for a partner to realise your ideas? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

Our teams will ensure everything is implemented perfectly as you envisioned. From the plan to the finish.

At Blitz Interior Design you will find a broad selection ofquality brands from:

  • fitted carpets
  • laminate
  • LVTs
  •  …

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