Interior advice

Blitz Interior advice

Creating beauty is our profession

Creating a beautiful, cozy atmosphere suiting a room's function. After all these years, we still enjoy seeing a harmonious result
(There is a lot ofe hard work, we conceive many ideas and compare numerous samples before achieving that result. Not that you need to worry about it, that is our job.) 

Blitz Interior Design takes it off your hands and comes up with practical and inspiring proposals for your interior. While respecting your budget, and according to your preferences and taste. 

We make your ideas reality, we don't impose ours. 

Are you considering a complete refurnishing or do you have a specific question? Do you already have ideas or do you want to give us carte blanche? Whatever your situation, we first discuss your project with you in depth, and above all listento what you want. We like tovisitthe location as soon as possible so we can evaluate the initial direction at the location itself. If required, we can also take all themeasurements. We then show you our creations in 3D, with the actual samples and fabrics at the ready. Then you don't have to try and imagine what it will look like, you can see, feel, compare and decide directly. We also understand if you'd rather sleep on it for a night. 

into action

Once you have made your decision, we will draft the technical plans for the implementation. We have been producing quality work with a local, professional team of implementers and fitters for many years. Enabling us to guarantee a perfect realisation of the proposed and approved plans and you don't have to waste any valuable time and effort following up and directing the work. You can of course, decide to do the implementation yourself.



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