Who are Blitz Interior Design?

Who are Blitz Interior Design?

Do you want a completely new look, giving us carte blanche?
Or do you want a part restyling and already have an idea of the way you want to go?

If it's about interiors, you must talk to the team at Blitz Interior Design.
Blitz Interior Design are professional interior specialists led by Jennifer, qualified interior designer.

Our team can provide advice on any type of layout. From your home, shop to second home or temporary project. Together with you, we go through your ideas, expectations and style preferences. With your budget in mind Blitz Interior Design turns these into clear plans, until you say: that is exactly what I want!

be inspired

See your ideas and plans become reality in our store on the Mechelsesteenweg 145 te Sterrebeek . We have all the best fabrics, colour samples and decorations in house. You can see, feel and compare directly. And Blitz Interior Design, has all the finishing touches. With our collection of exclusive and contemporary interior accessories, from lamps to clocks, you can instantly give your new room that complete look. We have new selected items coming in every month. 

who will do the implementation?

A home furnishing store that draws the plans and then sends you on your way? Not with us. Blitz Interior Design has its own expert fitters who know how to execute your ideas perfectly. A permanent fixture in the region.



If you would like
more info,
send us a mail

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