Window decoration

Blitz Window decoration


“What should I do with my windows?”
“I would like this for my window decoration, where can I find it?”

For stylish and high-quality window decoration, come to Blitz Interior Design. 

For general window decoration or implementing your specific wishes. Our all-round team guarantees you a perfect result that fully meets your expectations. Together with you, we determine theincidence of light, level of privacy and style of the finish. Because we have all the samples, fabrics and systems in house, you directly get a picture of what your windows will soon look like.

Blitz Interior Design offers you extensive expertise in all types of window decoration:

  • roller blinds
  • duo roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • horizontal blinds
  • vertical blinds
  • panel blinds
  • pleated blinds

Take the time and look and read about all these systems at our info corner:

If these names mean nothing to you 

Than just come by. In our showroom, you indicate what you have in mind or we can formulate a proposal in a language you understand. 

Proper fitting required? look no further

Once we have made a detailed plan based on your preferences, our team of implementers and fitters will get to work. We work with them daily and receive only positive feedback from customers (an absolute must for us). Would you rather do the fitting yourself? Not a problem, we'll provide what you need.



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